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What are the applications of Fish Cell Lines?
Fish cell lines have enormous applications in biomedical research, virology, toxicology, gene regulation, gene expression and gene transfers. They can be used in the development of viral vaccines, tissue plasminogen activator, interferon, monoclonal antibodies, tumour specific antigens etc.
What are the advantages of using fish cell culture over live fish as an experimental model?
Fish cell culture is easy to maintain, economical and experiments can be performed accurately in controlled conditions. Further, as an added ethical consideration, live animals need not be sacrificed for experimental purposes. The research on fish cell culture has developed rapidly since Wolf and Quimby established the first fish cell line RTG-2 in 1960s.
What is Explant Culture?
Explant method refers to the culture of small pieces of finely chopped tissue which are then seeded into culture flasks. This method solves the problem of potential damage that can be caused by trypsin like damaged cell membrane or lysis. A large number of fish cell lines have been developed through explants method both in India and globally.
What is a Primary Culture?
The first monolayer of cells obtained after explant or enzymatic digestion is called Primary Culture. The Primary culture recapitulates the in vivo cellular architecture of a tissue.
What is a Cell Line?
Sub-culturing of primary cells leads to generation of cell lines. They are fast growing which mostly grow for limited number of generations after which cease. Cell lines may lose some of their in vivo characteristics.
How to order Fish Cell Lines?
Please refer to Tab: Services>Cell Line Request.
What are the charges for ordering Fish Cell Lines?
Please refer to Tab: Services>Cell Line Request.
What is the growth condition(s) for fish cell lines?
Fish cell lines are generally grown in incubator at 28°C in CO2 independent L-15 growth media containing L-glutamine, sodium pyruvate and phenol red, but without sodium bicarbonate, along with 10-20% FBS.
In what form, the cell line will be supplied by NRFC?
The cell line will be supplied in a new sterile T25 flask as a monolayer culture.
What procedure should be followed after receiving the cell line?
Please refer to Tab: Handling Cell Line>Suggestion to requester for handling of cell cultures on receipt.

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