Fish and Shellfish Microsatellite Database

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  Top 10 FishMicrosat Families  
Family Species
Cyprinidae 39
Scombridae 11
Pomacentridae 9
Cichlidae 9
  Top 10 FishMicrosat Species  
Species Records
Cyprinus carpio42000
Lates calcarifer3681
Ctenopharyngodon idella3363
Oncorhynchus mykiss2674
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix1365
Carassius auratus717
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis640
Labeo rohita637
Penaeus monodon618
Pagrus major597
  Family Description

S.No. Species Common name Habitat Category Distribution
1 Hemibagrus nemurus - Freshwater Least Concern (LC) China; Indonesia; Malaysia; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam; Laos; Cambodia
2 Horabagrus brachysoma GŁnther's catfish Freshwater Vulnerable (VU) Asia: Kerala, India.
3 Mystus oculatus Malabar mystus Freshwater Not Evaluated Asia: Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India.
4 Mystus tengara Tengara mystus Freshwater Least Concern (LC) Asia: Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh . Reported from Afghanistan .
5 Rita gogra Gogra rita Freshwater Least Concern (LC) Asia: rivers of Deccan up to the Krishna river system in India.
6 Rita rita - Freshwater Least Concern (LC) India; Bangladesh; Pakistan; Myanmar; Nepal; Afghanistan
7 Sperata aor Long-whiskered catfish, Singha Freshwater Least Concern (LC) Asia: Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and upper Myanmar
8 Sperata seenghala - Freshwater Least Concern (LC) India; China; Bangladesh; Pakistan; Thailand; Myanmar; Nepal; Afghanistan

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