Fish and Shellfish Microsatellite Database

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  Top 10 FishMicrosat Families  
Family Species
Cyprinidae 39
Scombridae 11
Pomacentridae 9
Cichlidae 9
  Top 10 FishMicrosat Species  
Species Records
Cyprinus carpio42000
Lates calcarifer3681
Ctenopharyngodon idella3363
Oncorhynchus mykiss2674
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix1365
Carassius auratus717
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis640
Labeo rohita637
Penaeus monodon618
Pagrus major597
  Repeats analysis and Primer design
This module provides information about repeats (type, number, sequence) and enables to design primers for selected locus. In order to view the information about repeats and to design primers, alphabets index facilitates to display the list of species along with total specimen records in square bracket. A clicking over event on the species name provides information in table for microsatellite sequences. The last column of the table showing primer design link and mouse clicking upon that link leads further for designing of suitable pair of primers.

Species index
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Lates calcarifer [3681]Labeo rohita [637]Lutjanus erythropterus [75]Labeo fimbriatus [69]
Lepturacanthus savala [65]Lutjanus russellii [57]Lethrinus miniatus [22]Lutjanus carponotatus [21]
Lutjanus argentimaculatus [14]Lutjanus indicus [14]Lutjanus kasmira [13]Labeo pangusia [11]
Labeo calbasu [10]Lutjanus johnii [10]Labeo dyocheilus [10]Labeo dussumieri [7]
Labeo bata [4]Lateolabrax maculatus [3]Leptobotia elongata [1]
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