Fisheries Domain

The Fisheries Domain under the Scheme Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics has been involved in collection, compilation, cataloguing and interpretation of biological data viz. genome, mitogenome, transcriptome, proteome, genes, molecular markers etc. of fishes and other aquatic organisms.


The major activities of the Fisheries Domain are:

  • Design and development of databases of Fisheries domain.
  • Collection, compilation, verification, quality assurance and maintenance of genomic information from various sources of domain.
  • Identification of issues on bioinformatics and allied fields in the domain.
  • Provide support to the associated institutions in fisheries bioinformatics.
  • Provide linkages with national and international organizations to facilitate collaborative research in domain.
  • Establish linkages with lead centre and domain nodal centres.
  • Capacity building for conducting collaborative research in the domain.
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