Frequently Asked Questions
  Q: How to login in ASHAA ?

Ans: To login, visit the website at and signup the registration form. You will get UserID and password at your registered email. Alterantively you can send an email to or requesting for UserID and password. Remotely login using suitable software with IP through SSH and then use your UserID and password to login in ASHAA.

  Q: Which are the analytical tools available in ASHAA ?

Ans: Application software packages such as CLC Genomics 7.04 for genomic data analysis and Discovery Studio 4.1 for proteomics data analysis are available in the HPC.

  Q: What is the basic configuration required for the user machine?

Ans: The user machine should have Windows 7 or Linux 6.2 platform (64 bit processor) with at least 4 GB RAM, i5 processor and 1 TB secondary storage. The machine should have good internet connectivity.

  Q: How safe is the user data in ASHAA?

Ans: The user data is 100% secure in ASHAA because the user folder and results can only be accessed by the authentic user with his/her userID and password.

  Q: What is the maximum limit of data storage by individual user in ASHAA?

Ans: Normally, user can store up to maximum 2 TB data in his/her folder. The user may request to the administrator to increase the capacity of the data folder.

  Q: What are the genomic resource information available at CABin Fisheries Domain?

Ans: Links for four online genomic resource databases viz. Fish Karyome, (, Fish Barcode Information Sysyem (, Fish Microsatellite database, ( and Fish Mitogemome Resource have been provided on the homepage of CABin Fisheries Domain.

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