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  FMiR species statistic  
Conservation status
Category Species
Extinct in the Wild (EW)1
Extinct (EX)1
Critically Endangered (CR)18
Near Threatened (NT)61
Endangered (EN) 126
Vulnerable (VU) 168
Data Deficient (DD)186
Least Concern (LC)830
Not Reported2250
Habitat Species
Saltwater and freshwater132
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Family Species
  About FMiR
FMiR is a comprehensive and curated database of complete mitochondrial genome of fishes belonging to different ecosystems that includes precise tools for data analysis and retrieval of information on taxonomy, habitat, distribution, occurrence and conservation status of fishes. It has been specifically developed to help the researches in annotation of newly sequenced mitogenome, identification of species specific/habitat specific SSR markers and primer designing and performing sequence similarity search. In this way, FMiR would be useful to those working on fish genomics, molecular phylogeny and taxonomy, populations genetics etc. FMiR offers following programs for its users for retrieval and analysis of mitogenome data.

Information browser
FMiR facilitates browsing of mitogenome information of fish and also provides information like habitat, distribution, taxonomy, conservation status for each species of the database. It includes genome view integrated with different option for browsing information of species of interest. The keyword search also enables to browse information by using key word like species name, family name, Genbank accession number, Genbank identifier (gi) and pubmed id etc.

SSR analysis and primer design
SSR analysis and primer designing interfaces have been implemented in FMiR for the diagnosis of species specific or habitat specific SSR markers. The primer designing program enables to design primers for each identified SSR loci for laboratory applications.

Sequence similarity search
Complete and partial sequence of FMiR and user provided query sequence of mitogenome can be analyzed for the purpose of homology search, gene identification and annotation of newly sequenced mitogenome.

Description about analysis program
FMiR integrates graphical description for handling different tools and programs, that can be invoked using 'About database' menu item.

Current status
Species: 3826 Family: 462 Order: 67 Specimen records: 3826 Sequences: 3826 Last update: 2024-05-24 09:53:56

How to cite FMiR
Nagpure NS, Rashid I, Pathak AK, Singh M, Pati R, Singh SP, et al. (2015) FMiR: A Curated Resource of Mitochondrial DNA Information for Fish. PLoS ONE 10(8): e0136711. doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0136711
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