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Redigobius tambujon (Bleeker, 1854)


Class: Actinopterygii Subclass: Neopterygii Order:  Perciformes  Family:  Gobiidae    NCBI taxonomy FishBase  WoRMS  OBIS
Habitat Occurrence type IUCN Red List Status
Marine Native Least Concern (LC)
Distribution in India Distribution elsewhere
Andaman Philippines, Indonesia, Micronesia (Palau) and New Guinea. One record from the Solomon Islands may possibly belong to this species. Record from New Caledonia has not been verified yet. Reported from Australia, Fiji and Singapore
Andaman. Philippines, Indonesia, Palua, Micronesia, New Guinea, Australia, Fiji and Singapore.
Gobius tambujon Bleeker, 1854
Glossogobius tambujon (Bleeker, 1854)
Stigmatogobius tambujon (Bleeker, 1854)
Acentrogobius leptochilus Bleeker, 1875
Redigobius leptochilus (Bleeker, 1875)
Gobius reticularis Weber, 1911
Gobius roemeri Weber, 1911
Redigobius roemeri (Weber, 1911)
Stigmatogobius roemeri (Weber, 1911)
Pseudogobiopsis romeri (Weber, 1911)
Redigobius romeri (Weber, 1911)
Vaimosa sapanga Herre, 1927
Redigobius sapangus (Herre, 1927)
Vaimosa macrognathos Herre, 1927
Vaimosa macrognatha Herre, 1927
Vaimosa macrognathus Herre, 1927
Vaimosa koumansi Mukerji, 1935
Vaimosa horiae Herre, 1936
Vaimosa cardonensis Herre, 1940
Type specimen
Redigobius tambujon (Bleeker, 1854) tambujon, Gobius Bleeker [P.] 1854:319 [Natuurkundig Tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch IndiĆ« v. 7 (no. 2)] Panimbang River, Perdana, Banten; Tjiliwong River, Jakarta, Java, Indonesia. Lectotype: RMNH 4458. Paralectotypes: RMNH (2) whereabouts unknown. Synonym: Redigobius tambujon (Bleeker, 1854), Gobius tambujon Bleeker, 1854, Glossogobius tambujon (Bleeker, 1854), Stigmatogobius tambujon (Bleeker, 1854), Acentrogobius leptochilus Bleeker, 1875, Redigobius leptochilus (Bleeker, 1875), Gobius reticularis Weber, 1911, Gobius roemeri Weber, 1911, Redigobius roemeri (Weber, 1911), Stigmatogobius roemeri (Weber, 1911), Pseudogobiopsis romeri (Weber, 1911), Redigobius romeri (Weber, 1911), Vaimosa sapanga Herre, 1927, Redigobius sapangus (Herre, 1927), Vaimosa macrognathos Herre, 1927, Vaimosa macrognatha Herre, 1927, Vaimosa macrognathus Herre, 1927, Vaimosa koumansi Mukerji, 1935, Vaimosa horiae Herre, 1936, Vaimosa cardonensis Herre, 1940.  More...
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