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Paratrypauchen microcephalus (Bleeker, 1860)

Comb Goby

Class: Actinopterygii Subclass: Neopterygii Order:  Perciformes  Family:  Gobiidae     FishBase  WoRMS  OBIS
Habitat Occurrence type IUCN Red List Status
Brackish water, Marine Native Least Concern (LC)
Distribution in India Distribution elsewhere
east from India through the Andaman Sea and the East Indian region Indo-West Pacific: Natal to Kenya, through India, Indonesia to the Philippines. Also known from Wakayama, Niigata and Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan), the Korean Peninsula, china and Malaysia
Along the coast. Natal to Kenya, Indonesia to the Philippines, Wakayama, Niigata and Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, the Korean Peninsula, China and Malaysia.
Trypauchen microcephalus Bleeker, 1860
Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus (Bleeker, 1860)
Taeniodes microcephalus (Bleeker, 1860)
Trypauchen raha Popta, 1922
Ctenotrypauchen barnardi Hora, 1926
Type specimen
Paratrypauchen microcephalus (Bleeker, 1860) microcephalus, Trypauchen Bleeker [P.] 1860:62 [Acta Societatis Regiae Scientiarum Indo-Ne√™rlandicae v. 8 (art. 4)] Sungiduri, Indonesia. Holotype (unique): RMNH 4761 Synonym: Paratrypauchen microcephalus (Bleeker, 1860), Trypauchen microcephalus Bleeker, 1860, Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus (Bleeker, 1860), Taeniodes microcephalus (Bleeker, 1860), Trypauchen raha Popta, 1922, Ctenotrypauchen barnardi Hora, 1926.  More...
S.No. Diagnostic features Finformula Reference
1 Dorsal spines (total): 6; Dorsal soft rays (total): 48-51; Anal spines: 0; Anal soft rays: 45 - 47. http://www.fishbase.org/summary/8214