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Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton, 1822)

Tank Goby

Class: Actinopterygii Subclass: Neopterygii Order:  Perciformes  Family:  Gobiidae    NCBI taxonomy FishBase  WoRMS  OBIS
Habitat Occurrence type IUCN Red List Status
Freshwater, Brackish water, Marine Native Least Concern (LC)
Distribution in India Distribution elsewhere
Indian rivers and estuaries Africa to Oceania, Red Sea and East Africa and most inland freshwater bodies over the Indian Ocean and western Pacific. Common in coastal and estuarine waters from austral Africa and Madagascar to India and south of China.
Indian rivers and estuaries. Red Sea, East Africa, western Pacific, coastal and estuarine waters from austral Africa, Madagascar and south of China.
Gobius giuris  Hamilton, 1822
Acentrogobius giuris  (Hamilton, 1822)
Glossogobius giuris giuris  (Hamilton, 1822)
Glossigobius giuris  (Hamilton, 1822)
Glossogabius giuris  (Hamilton, 1822)
Glossogobius giurus  (Hamilton, 1822)
Glossogobius guirus  (Hamilton, 1822)
Gobius giurus  Hamilton, 1822
Gobius gutum  Hamilton, 1822
Awaous gutum  (Hamilton, 1822)
Glossogobius gutum  (Hamilton, 1822)
Gobius russelii  Cuvier, 1829
Gobius russelli  Cuvier, 1829
Gobius catebus  Valenciennes, 1837
Gobius kora  Valenciennes, 1837
Gobius kurpah  Sykes, 1839
Gobius phaiospilosoma  Bleeker, 1849
Gobius phiopsilosoma  Bleeker, 1849
Gobius sublitus  Cantor, 1849
Gobius spectabilis  Günther, 1861
Euctenogobius striatus  Day, 1868
Gobius grandidierii  Playfair, 1868
Gobius grandidieri  Playfair, 1868
Glossogobius tenuiformis  Fowler, 1934
Type specimen
Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton, 1822) giuris, Gobius Hamilton [F.] 1822:51, 366, Pl. 33 (fig. 15) [An account of the fishes found in the river Ganges; Ganges River, India. Lectotype: whereabouts unknown. Synonym: Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton, 1822), Gobius giuris Hamilton, 1822, Acentrogobius giuris (Hamilton, 1822), Glossogobius giuris giuris (Hamilton, 1822), Glossigobius giuris (Hamilton, 1822), Glossogabius giuris (Hamilton, 1822), Glossogobius giurus (Hamilton, 1822), Glossogobius guirus (Hamilton, 1822), Gobius giurus Hamilton, 1822, Gobius gutum Hamilton, 1822, Awaous gutum (Hamilton, 1822), Glossogobius gutum (Hamilton, 1822), Gobius russelii Cuvier, 1829, Gobius russelli Cuvier, 1829, Gobius catebus Valenciennes, 1837, Gobius kora Valenciennes, 1837, Gobius kurpah Sykes, 1839, Gobius phaiospilosoma Bleeker, 1849, Gobius phiopsilosoma Bleeker, 1849, Gobius sublitus Cantor, 1849, Gobius spectabilis Günther, 1861, Euctenogobius striatus Day, 1868, Gobius grandidierii Playfair, 1868, Gobius grandidieri Playfair, 1868, Glossogobius tenuiformis Fowler, 1934.  More...
S.No. Diagnostic features Finformula Reference
1 D VI+I 10; A I 10; Pi 15-17
2 D VI+I 10; A I 10; Pi 15-17
Museum specimen (1)