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Valenciennea longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839)

Long-finned goby

Class: Actinopterygii Subclass: Neopterygii Order:  Perciformes  Family:  Gobiidae    NCBI taxonomy FishBase  WoRMS  OBIS
Habitat Occurrence type IUCN Red List Status
Marine Native Not Evaluated
Distribution in India Distribution elsewhere
Andaman Indo-West Pacific.
Andaman Indo-West Pacific.
Eleotris longipinnis Lay & Bennett, 1839
Calleleotris longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839)
Eleotriodes longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839)
Valencienea longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839)
Valencienna longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839)
Valenciennae longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839)
Valenciennea longispinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839)
Eleotris ikeineur Montrouzier, 1857
Eleotris lineatooculatus Kner, 1867
Eleotris lineooculatus Kner, 1867
Eleotris taeniura Macleay, 1881
Type specimen
Valenciennea longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839) longipinnis, Eleotris Lay [G. T.] & Bennett [E. T.] 1839:64, Pl. 20 (fig. 3) [The zoology of Captain Beechey's voyage] Ryukyu Islands, Japan. Syntypes (2): not preserved. Synonym: Valenciennea longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839), Eleotris longipinnis Lay & Bennett, 1839, Calleleotris longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839), Eleotriodes longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839), Valencienea longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839), Valencienna longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839), Valenciennae longipinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839), Valenciennea longispinnis (Lay & Bennett, 1839), Eleotris ikeineur Montrouzier, 1857, Eleotris lineatooculatus Kner, 1867, Eleotris lineooculatus Kner, 1867, Eleotris taeniura Macleay, 1881.  More...
S.No. Diagnostic features Finformula Reference
1 by pale grey body color, grading to white ventrally; presence of five, blue-edged bars extending ventrally to middle of side, each bar containing reddish brown to black blotch at bottom; blue bands; spots on head; pectoral fin base with a pair of pink str