Top 10 families
Family Species
Cyprinidae 383
Gobiidae 163
Sisoridae 97
Serranidae 90
Labridae 81
Nemacheilidae 74
Pomacentridae 73
Balitoridae 68
Blenniidae 64
Bagridae 61
Habitat category
Habitat Species
Marine 1652
Freshwater 906
Brackish water, Marine 332
Freshwater, Brackish water, Marine 138
Freshwater, Brackish water 96
Brackish water 20
Species: 3145 Genus: 1025 Family: 248 Order: 49 Patent: 13043 Disease: 54 Type specimen: 7108
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Aquatic Genetic Information System of India (AqGRISI) with data and user management capabilities is an online information system that features browsing of information on different aspects of native fish genetic resources reported from Indian waters. Presently, this information system covers 3137 native finfish species belonging to 1022 genus, 247 families and 47 orders and provides information on 'Systematics', 'Synonyms (13058 records)', 'Common name (2331 records)', 'Biology', 'Length-Weight', 'Type specimen', 'Disease', 'Habitat', 'Distribution', 'Patent', 'Fish Nutrition' and 'Bibliography on shellfish resources of India'. This system also serves as digital repository to hold the information on different fish accessions preserved in different storage facilities like; Live germplasm, Tissue, Cell lines and Museum established at ICAR- NBFGR, Lucknow. The system has link to FishBase, WoRMS, CIFRI, CMFRI, FAO, NCBI, Google Patents and IUCN. The type specimen of each species has link to the different natural history museums of the world, which presents the holotype and other information. Additionally, it presents the molecular information from in house molecular resources like HRGFish, FMiR, FBIS, FishKaryome andFishMicrosat.
ICAR-NBFGR live germplasm: 642 Tissue samples: 85 Museum specimen: 626 Threatened species: 215