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Epinephelus stoliczkae (Day, 1875)

Epaulet Grouper

Class: Actinopterygii Subclass: Neopterygii Order:  Perciformes Family:  Serranidae     FishBase  WoRMS
Habitat Occurrence type IUCN Red List Status
Marine Native Data deficient (DD)
Distribution in India Distribution elsewhere
northwestern Indian Ocean Red Sea, Gulf of Suez, northwestern Indian Ocean to the coast of Pakistan and Gulf of Oman.
Serranus stoliczkae  Day, 1875
Type specimen
Epinephelus stoliczkae (Day, 1875) stoliczkae, Serranus Day [F.] 1875:11, Pl. 1 (fig. 3) [The fishes of India Part 1; Coast of Sind, Pakistan, Arabian Sea. Lectotype: ZSI 1679. Paralectotypes and/or Day specimens: AMS B.8157 (1, paralectotype); MNHN 0000-9360 (1); NMW 81226 (1); RMNH 143 [? or 73] (1); ZMB 8885 (1); ZSI 897-899 (3), 1955 (1). Synonym: Epinephelus stoliczkae (Day, 1875), Serranus stoliczkae Day, 1875 Order: Perciformes Family: Serranidae Distribution: Indian waters. Western Indian Ocean: Red Sea (including Gulf of Suez) and northwestern Indian Ocean to the coast of Pakistan. Specimens examined include those from the Gulf of Oman. Not reported from the Gulf of Aqaba nor from Persian Gulf. Habitat: Marine IUCN status: Data deficient (DD)  More...
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