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Epinephelus morrhua (Valenciennes, 1833)

Comet Grouper

Class: Actinopterygii Subclass: Neopterygii Order:  Perciformes Family:  Serranidae    NCBI taxonomy FishBase  WoRMS
Habitat Occurrence type IUCN Red List Status
Marine Native Least Concern (LC)
Distribution in India Distribution elsewhere
Coast of Tamil Nadu and Lakshadweep Islands. Red Sea and East Africa to the central Pacific.
Cephalopholis morrhua  (Valenciennes, 1833)
Serranus morrhua  Valenciennes, 1833
Epinephelus cometae  Tanaka, 1927
Type specimen
Epinephelus morrhua (Valenciennes, 1833) morrhua, Serranus Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1833:434 [Histoire naturelle des poissons v. 9; Mauritius, Mascarenes, southwestern Indian Ocean. Holotype (unique): MNHN 0000-7431. Synonym: Epinephelus morrhua (Valenciennes, 1833), Serranus morrhua Valenciennes, 1833, Cephalopholis morrhua (Valenciennes, 1833), Epinephelus cometae Tanaka, 1927 Order: Perciformes Family: Serranidae Distribution: Tamil Nadu coast. India: Known from the coast of Tamil Nadu and Lakshadweep Islands. Indo-Pacific: Red Sea and East Africa to the central Pacific. Epinephelus poecilonotus, Epinephelus radiatus, andEpinephelus tuamotoensis are sometimes referred to as this species. Habitat: Marine IUCN status: Least Concern (LC)  More...
S.No. Diagnostic features Finformula Reference
1 D. XI, 16; A. III, 8; P. i, 17; V. I, 5. Llat. 102; Ltr. 15+1+34.