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Cephalopholis boenak (Bloch, 1790)

Chocolate hind

Class: Actinopterygii Subclass: Neopterygii Order:  Perciformes  Family:  Serranidae    NCBI taxonomy FishBase  WoRMS  OBIS
Habitat Occurrence type IUCN Red List Status
Marine Native Least Concern (LC)
Distribution in India Distribution elsewhere
Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa coast and Laccadive. Usually found on dead reefs in protected waters in Indo-West Pacific;
Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa coast and Laccadive.
Bodianus boenak  Bloch, 1790
Serranus boenak  (Bloch, 1790)
Cephalopholis boenack  (Bloch, 1790)
Cephalopholis boenacki  (Bloch, 1790)
Epinephelus boenack  (Bloch, 1790)
Serranus pachycentron  Valenciennes, 1828
Cephalopholis pachycentron  (Valenciennes, 1828)
Epinephelus pachycentron  (Valenciennes, 1828)
Cephalopholis pachycentrum  (Valenciennes, 1828)
Epinephelus pachycentrum  (Valenciennes, 1828)
Serranus boelang  Valenciennes, 1828
Epinephelus boelang  (Valenciennes, 1828)
Serranus stigmapomus  Richardson, 1846
Serranus nigrofasciatus  Hombron & Jacquinot, 1853
Local Name
Verri cullawah, Nama panni, Panaina kulawaie (Tamil)
Bontoo (Telugu)
Type specimen
Cephalopholis boenak (Bloch, 1790) boenak, Bodianus Bloch [M. E.] 1790:43, Pl. 226 [Naturgeschichte der ausl√§ndischen Fische v. 4; Japan [erroneous, is Indonesia]. Lectotype: ZMB 5220 (right skin). Paralectotypes: ZMB (1, stuffed, lost). Synonym: Cephalopholis boenak (Bloch, 1790), Bodianus boenak Bloch, 1790, Serranus boenak (Bloch, 1790), Cephalopholis boenack (Bloch, 1790), Cephalopholis boenacki (Bloch, 1790), Epinephelus boenack (Bloch, 1790), Serranus pachycentron Valenciennes, 1828, Cephalopholis pachycentron (Valenciennes, 1828), Epinephelus pachycentron (Valenciennes, 1828), Cephalopholis pachycentrum (Valenciennes, 1828), Epinephelus pachycentrum (Valenciennes, 1828), Serranus boelang Valenciennes, 1828, Epinephelus boelang (Valenciennes, 1828), Serranus stigmapomus Richardson, 1846, Serranus nigrofasciatus Hombron & Jacquinot, 1853.  More...
S.No. Diagnostic features Finformula Reference
1 D. IX, 16; A. III, 8-9; P. i, 16; V. I, 5. Llat. 94-106; Ltr. 12-15+1+30-34.
2 D. IX, 16; A. III, 8-9; P. i, 16; V. I, 5. Llat. 94-106; Ltr. 12-15+1+30-34.