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Hyporthodus octofasciatus (Griffin, 1926)

Eightbar Grouper

Class: Actinopterygii Subclass: Neopterygii Order:  Perciformes Family:  Serranidae    NCBI taxonomy FishBase  WoRMS
Habitat Occurrence type IUCN Red List Status
Marine Native Not Reported
Distribution in India Distribution elsewhere
Along the coast. Somalia, South Africa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and Korea.
Epinephelus octofasciatus  Griffin, 1926
Epinephelus compressus  Postel, Fourmanoir & Guézé, 1963
Type specimen
Hyporthodus octofasciatus (Griffin, 1926) octofasciatus, Epinephelus Griffin [L. T.] 1926:540, Pl. 95 [Transactions New Zealand Institute v. 56; Arid Island, off the northeastern coast of Great Barrier Island, Auckland District, New Zealand. Holotype (unique): AIM MA 259. Trnski personal communication (12/1/2017) on type status. Synonym: Hyporthodus octofasciatus (Griffin, 1926), Epinephelus octofasciatus Griffin, 1926, Epinephelus compressus Postel, Fourmanoir & Guézé, 1963 Order: Perciformes Family: Serranidae Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: Somalia and South Africa to Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Except for Japan, China Korea, most distribution records for Epinephelus septemfasciatus are probably based on this species. Reported as Epinephelus compressus by Postel et al.. Habitat: Marine IUCN status: Data deficient (DD)  More...
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