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Reported diseases caused by Virus in fishes

S.No. Fish name Pathogen/Parasite Disease Affected organ Location Report/Reference
1 Ablabys taenianotus N. somonas Leading fever Lungs and Colon GORAKHPUR in 2010-2017 Sood N, et al. 2015, Mol Bio Rep 18:34-45
2 Lates calcarifer Nodavirus Viral nervous necrosis Brain, Retina, Kidney Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Kasargode, Kerala in 2005, 2014 Azad, I.S., M.S. Shekhar, A.R. Thirunavukkarasu, M. Poornima, M. Kailasam, J.J.S. Rajan, S.A. Ali, M. Abraham and P. Ravichandran, 2005. Nodavirus infection causes mortalities in hatchery produced larvae of Lates calcarifer: first report from India. Disea